About Us

Alpha Partners Law and Consultancy Office was founded by Att. Hasan Kaan ALP and has a larger staff today.

Our team, consisting of 4 lawyers, 1 trainee lawyer, 2 enforcement officers and 1 assistant, provides legal consultancy and advocacy services in various fields to individuals, institutions, national and international companies. Our team is not only through litigation; It aims to resolve disputes faster by actively using alternative methods such as arbitration, conciliation, mediation, etc., and to prevent possible conflicts with on-site intervention.

Our office consists of lawyers who are aware of the fact that the legal profession is based on the principles of trust and honesty, and who accept the defense of these principles as the basis for the defense of their clients. Law, which plays an uninterrupted role in all human relations, especially commercial relations; It can only survive with honest, principled, hardworking and detailed lawyers. Of course, almost everyone who deals with legal processes naturally believes that they are right. In this respect, the lawyer-client relationship plays an active role at least as much as the complex technical aspect of law in the healthy realization of legal processes.

Our team includes lawyers who are graduated from the most established law faculties of our country and have the competence to manage even the most complex issues in their fields of activity from the very beginning. In addition, it is aware of the need to use scientific methods in terms of communication, problem solving, enlightenment, persuasion and raising awareness within the principle of mutual trust.

It is known that the law has its own dynamism. For this reason, it is among the vital principles of our office to follow the current legislation in the best way, to constantly update oneself professionally and academically, and to learn continuously.

Attorney Hasan Kaan ALP